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Straight from the business plan...


The sole purpose of this business is to create an unique and desirable environment that loves and respects every person who walks through the front door, no matter their story, and attracts people who may not otherwise hear about the unconditional love and saving grace of Jesus Christ.


Open a business where every aspect is designed to reflect the values of Jesus, from initial launch to financial planning to business dealings to patron relations.


Every town deserves a brewery. That Brewery should craft gourmet beer, while providing  education to their customers about it’s ingredients and the artful process that is brewing. Garphish Brewing Company plans to provide that experience to Bethel, MN and the surrounding communities. With prayer, purpose and delicious beer, we aim to show others our vision.


Who is Garphish Brewing Company?

We stick to our roots.

Especially important when you’re located on a small town’s Main Street in more rural suburb. The beer recipes and the business will be built from scratch, with the goal of starting small and seeing where the Lord leads us.

We intend to be different.

From the beer names to the ingredients used, our goal is to stand out as we stand behind our product. Our customers will be able to drink our beer onsite, in our own taproom. While not a new experience to MN, it is new to the area and offers customers something they may not have had before. Stories of the brewery, and the building's history will be shared often, and there’s a good chance the Head Brewer himself will be pouring your pint.



We lead by example.

We are Christ-centered, family oriented business that intends to shine these values through all that we do. By not amassing major debt in equipment and other overhead, Garphish Brewing Company will be able to stand behind its core Christian Values: putting family, employees, customers and business allies first.

We swim upstream.

Why a Gar Fish? 

Our family has a cabin in Northern MN, on a lake that will remain nameless. This lake happens to have just the right environment for the pre-historic Gar Fish. Because their beaks are made of only bone and teeth, Gar are extremely difficult to catch. Always up for a challenge, our family started a fishing tournament and Gar Days was born. It wasn’t until about 10 years of failed attempts, that a Gar was finally caught and measured 48 inches. To this day, if you can’t find one larger, you can’t take it from the lake. “Garphish” is based on a family tradition, and part of every beer, whether it’s name, an ingredient or the style, is also derived from a family tradition. The name acts as a reminder that family comes first and it reflects our vision to be fishers of men.

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