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Garphish is honored to give back to the community we love so dearly.


If you would like to inquire about a donation of any kind, please fill out the donation form below.

Donation Request & Agreement Form

Please read over the agreement and accept terms and conditions.


Upon completing this form to request a donation from Garphish Brewing Company, I (the requestor) agree to comply with the following: 

• No donation will be considered without a properly filled-out form that has been emailed to

 • No donation or event is agreed upon or finalized without physical signatures on this form from both the requestor AND a representative from Garphish Brewing Company. 

• Donation type, amount, and size (including any volunteer labor) may be requested by the requestor, but will ultimately be determined by Garphish Brewing Company. 

• Donation (if applicable) will be picked up by the requestor within the agreed upon time/deadline, at Garphish Brewing Company. 

• Email correspondence alone (i.e. a detailed email request for a donation), a drop-in at the brewery (i.e. in person conversation with a staff member), phone calls and/or texts DO NOT constitute a formal request and the requested donation will not be fulfilled. 

• Garphish Brewing Company reserves the right to decline donation for reasons including, but not limited to: inability to provide supplies, misalignment of company values, schedule does not allow multiple commitments for a time frame, etc. 

We are a neighborhood-focused brewery that takes pride in being welcoming to families and friends of all ages. We look forward to possibly donating to your event, and hope to provide a donation that will further a worthy cause. If you have any questions about our policies or practices, please reach out to . Thank you for reaching out to Garphish Brewing Company for a donation!

Thanks! We will send you an answer to your request shortly. For any other questions or assistance, please email

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